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SAS® Consulting

There is no replacement for Experience, Best Practices and Know-How! The origins of Triam are deeply rooted in effectively leveraging SAS® technology and providing consulting services to a broad range of clients. Each of our senior consultants have over 10 years of experience utilizing the powerful and diverse strengths within SAS technology ranging from software deployment to data integration to advanced analytics.

Building Our Team

We provide highly skilled individuals with strong technical expertise, good communication skills and broad business experience delivering a high value-add to our client’s team. Our staff can fulfill, collaborate and mentor on a broad range of roles for client initiatives including system architecture, data scientists, administrative assistance, code development, system support and system migration and many more. We take the time to evaluate our staff selection based on multiple factors that represent well-rounded individuals that provide a positive work experience for our clients and leverage software to produce high value-add to their initiatives.


Some of the key characteristics include:

  • Technical Ability / Expertise
  • People and Communication Skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Pro-Active thought leaders

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best assist your staffing augmentation needs

Where we can explore the benefits we can provide your organization.

  • Short Term Assistance
  • Long Term Assignment
  • Data Scientists
  • System / Software Support
  • Project Initiatives
  • Architectural Design
  • Training / Mentoring

SAS Services

Custom SAS Development

We have a track record of creative and strategic utilization of SAS software for custom deliverables and analytics for our clients. Our coding methodologies provide for best-practice utilization of the software along with effective documentation to allow for smooth transition to the client staff and knowledge transfer.

SAS Staff Augmentation

We work closely with our clients to get an understanding of their initiatives and the associated consulting needs. This allows our team to match these requirements with qualified individuals that have the right mix of technical skills and work experience for a successful client engagement. These engagements include:

  • Short Term Development
  • Long Term Projects / Maintenance
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Admin and Support
  • Project Team Initiatives
  • Design Architect
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Maintenance Retainers
Data Management / Data Quality

Our staff has extensive experience working with a wide range of data sources with extensive complexity. We excel in turning diverse data into useful and meaningful information for a broader user community. This is a foundational strength of SAS software and the data management and quality tools that it makes available.

Visual Analytics

There are several newer interface options provided from SAS that showcase the deep analytic and statistical strengths that SAS is known for with a user friendly environment to harness this power for business analysts. Our staff can provide some of the output deliverables that are needed plus mentor our client staff to feel comfortable in utilizing these analytics and expanding on them.

Analytic Assistance

There are times when analytic algorithms need to be embedded into more standardized processes. Our staff can integrate the desired analytic with the regularly scheduled production environment providing result sets that can be utilized and expanded upon.

Maintenance Retainer

We can work with our clients to setup a maintenance retainer that allows for a set number of hours per month to be utilized at the client’s discretion to be utilized for a broad range of options. This option assures that they client will have a high caliber resource available to assist as needed.

SAS Solutions Initiatives

Advanced Analytics

SAS is the leader in advanced analytics with more than twice the market share of their nearest competitor. SAS understands the combination of powerful technology and how it can advance an organization. Our staff can help you harness this power and strategically utilize it for needs and goals

Customer Intelligence

SAS empowers you to engage your customers with confidence. Use data, analytics and insights on prospects and customers to create relevant, individualized experiences. We can help you put together an ideal roadmap that is both satisfying to the customer and also valuable to your organization. You can implement more sophisticated analytics to gain insights from data, understand customer preferences and drive marketing ROI. Identify, track, serve and retain customers, even when they’re on multiple platforms. With SAS, you can:

  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Streamline marketing
  • Stay competitive
Data Management

In today’s high tech world, Data drives Everything! Getting your data Right is critical to your on-going success. SAS is well known for their long standing, industry leading analytics. They learned many years ago that the quality of analytics is heavily dependent on the quality of your data. With that, SAS created extensive data management capabilities to complement their extensive analytics, providing the foundation of the SAS Platform. Better data sets the stage for better business. Much of the SAS platform is modularized for rapid results and designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. Our staff possesses vast experience and a deep understanding of a wide range of data sources. They will help you leverage the full strength of SAS software to work with your data. With data management from SAS, you can:

  • Boost productivity
  • Share more of the workload
  • Be confident your data is ready for action
  • Access the data you need
Analytics Platform

SAS is the leading software provider for analytic processing. They have the most powerful platform to deliver a broad range of analytic options for people ranging from casual users, executive management, business analysts, actuaries and PhD statisticians. Triam consultants have worked with the SAS analytic platform across all levels and depths of analysis helping clients realize the benefits and power available.

SAS® Products Licensing / Implementation /Project Support

Triam is a SAS® reseller and can help provide a broad range of SAS software and solutions to our clients. We can help you assess your business objectives and match that with the appropriate SAS software to accomplish them.

Our real world experience working with clients and SAS software allows us to have a first-hand understanding of what software options make the most sense for our clients. We can breakdown the various aspects of solutions and the rationale for the software investments. Some of the more common software solutions that we have direct experience include:

  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Office Analytics
  • SAS Viya
  • SAS Visual Data Mining
  • SAS Visual Forecasting
  • SAS Visual Statistics
  • SAS Customer Intelligence
  • SAS Patron Value Optimization
Performance Tuning / Optimization / Code Review

The SAS platform provides a very broad set of setup and programming options to achieve desired results within the processing environment. Logical approaches for utilizing SAS software can also play a big role in your processing performance. Triam consultants have the experience and best practices knowledge to tune the overall SAS environment and streamline your logical processing by providing a code review process to help maximize you performance, reduce the strain on your processing resources and provide the desired informational results.

Installation / Configuration

SAS software is a very powerful platform. It also requires a high degree of care, effort and experience to install and configure. Triam consultants have the expertise to install and configure the software in a timely, effective manner. We can also explore options for maintenance agreements for ongoing or periodic assistance with your deployment. We can also mentor your internal staff to gain knowledge required to maintain the platform.

SAS Cloud Processing / Hosting Services

For some clients that do not prefer to maintain an onsite SAS server environment, Triam can provide a Cloud based option allowing you to access the power of the SAS environment remotely through a dedicated and secure hosted option for your organization. This is primarily offered through AWS but can be setup with alternate hosting options as well. You will get the full benefits of the SAS platform without needing the internal resources needed to maintain and support this environment. Triam would handle all the resource and staffing needed to support your entire SAS deployment for a fixed monthly fee. As a SAS Reseller, we can even setup the licensing agreement for your software utilization.

Big Data Consulting

Organizations continue to realize a significant increase in the volume of data being generated. This continued growth in data requires more attention to how the data is being processed, how it is stored and what elements need to be analyzed. Triam has worked with very large data volumes along with the associated data governance procedures. Some of the key areas of our experience include:

Data Warehousing / Analytic Marts

Triam specializes in developing a centralized source of information that can be used throughout an organization. Working with very diverse sources of data, consolidating and cleaning these sources and delivering a common, validated and trusted source of information for user consumption is critical to an organizations success. These sources can be enterprise level data warehouses to more targeted divisional analytic data marts.
Creating an effective central source of information is not cookie cutter structures. It requires a certain level of business understanding of the goals and usage objectives of the organization to deliver the information needed in a format that is easy to use and accessible. This requires a best practice, collaborative approach to design and architect the appropriate supporting data structure for the client’s needs. Identifying the input sources of data and understanding the output and analytic objectives allows our team to work towards the sweet spot for the supporting information structure in the middle.

RDBMS Development

Triam consultants can work with a broad range of data both coming in and storing out to most all of the common database engines available. These Databases provide similar but very diverse benefits for storing information within them and have different nuances within the programming language needed to access and update these data stores. Some of the more common structures we have worked with include:

  • SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • Neteeza
  • DB2
  • Greenplum
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vertica
Hadoop data

a growing source of high volume information is being stored outside of the traditional RDBMS structures and are commonly being stored in Hadoop. Triam has been involved with and even partner with leading Hadoop vendors at Hortonworks and Cloudera. This can be a very cost effective option for storing much of the high volume data sources then feed into other structures with a subset and aggregation of this massive detail store.

Migration / Conversion Consulting

As organizations evolve, their processing needs and direction changes with it. Their software needs, data structures, system infrastructure and analytic deliverables all need to be evaluated as their business changes and they need to stay competitive. Triam consultants have the experience to assist with these evaluations and technical skills to make the needed transitions. Some of the key areas that we can provide assistance include:

Data Migration to Alternate Data Stores

As your data volumes increase, the storage and performance requirements can outpace many of your legacy data storage options. In some cases, tuning the environment can help but many times, a migration to a more powerful and expandable data storage option is necessary. We can help make this type of transition and make the needed adjustments to the data structures and elements that are needed within the new environment. This includes changes to the supporting programs that update and load the data.

Logic Conversion of Source Code

During a system conversion, there can be major re-write requirements of program logic. These efforts can be extensive and require a strong understanding of a broader range of software logic to evaluate and consume the legacy systems, incorporate any change requirements from the business and re-write the logic into a different language, format and structure. In other cases, there may only be small nuances between the environments but those seemingly small differences can also cause major impact in the process flow. Triam consultants have the experience and know-how to tackle these initiatives, working with our clients to provide a smooth transition and improved processing.

Platform / OS Changes

For some clients, decisions are made to migrate to a completely different operating platform. These decisions can be a result of a wide range of factors. In most cases we see this happen between UNIX, Linux, Windows and AS400 servers. This can be a complete system migration or some key applications going from one to another. Triam consultants have experience working within all of these platforms and can assist with the transition needed to get systems up and running within these changing operating systems.

SAS Migration (To / From / Hybrid)

Triam provides a high level of SAS expertise along with strengths in a multitude of other software disciplines. Clients can strategically leverage our unique blend of expertise in a variety of scenarios.

  • Move To SAS
  • Move From SAS
  • SAS Hybrid deployment